Tatsuya Totsuka

I got all technics of photograph through self-study. Even now, I continue challenging a lot. My style of expression is inspired from my daily life and the journey through the world. It might be a gap between real and dream. All things have their-own history,culture and time base. The world is unstable and changing. I also... I see the world on that point. It is in other words, capturing the scene of "now". Almost all my works are disregarding "balance" and ”homogeneity". But I believe there are real. I am pursuing whether my existence and my photography are accepted to the world or not, by shooting and living. 

Tatsuya Totsuka a.k.a. The Quietx

"Desire. There is always a feeling of frustration and drying up. Then, with each pressing of the shutter a brief quenching, which soon evaporates again. Street views, woman, whatever, all possible scenes and relationships emerge, but always with the fear of them vanishing. Then, the hope for the next shot. For me, taking photographs is nothing more than what is in this cycle. But what always comes next is the question of "is this right?", and the feeling of wanting to confront myself. It is by doing this that I am able to verify whether or not my own existence as an individual insociety  is going to be accepted. " My interview from The first zine of  All Format Film Photography Collective

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